Santa Francesca Romana

These photos are taken inside the old retirement home for the service personnel of the Doria Pamphilij family. Here were housed those who had worked in the properties of the family and could no longer stay alone. Today the same family leads the management of a non-profit organization that continues the care activity for the benefit of the fragile elders of the Trastevere district. The place has a singular charm, with its corners Delabré, with the evanescent figures of its inhabitants, its silence so near to the din of the center of Rome. Objects of use, such as beds, tables, chairs, have been arranged in order to recreate, in the large communal dorms, the ancient structure of this charitable institution. The contribution of the Doria-Pamphilij family, which promotes the activities of management and financing of the Institute, testifies to its incidence in the social fabric of yesterday and today.

The beginning of a story with a happy ending can also start from a poor scenario, linked to a remote past, steeped in melancholy. Something of these environments makes me think of the illustrations of certain books for children very old, with pages yellowed, which tell of orphans and Matrigne, at which at some point something wonderful happens. These poor objects in such wide and noble environments, make me immerse in atmospheres like those evoked by the dioramas of Paolo Ventura (a dip in the heart).

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