Continuous portrait

"The beauty of contemporary art is that it forces you to think": So Francesca Montinaro to a lady who was preparing to pose for "continuous portrait", to help her choose a phrase to paint them on the palm of the hand.  Together with me and other women we were preparing to pose for "continuous portrait", a great installation that Montinaro is preparing at the Yum in Rome. I was there watching my hand painted by Francesca with the phrase that I had chosen and I was waiting for my turn. I was invited because in passing, and so I could know the person of the artist before his own work.  It was nice to be on the flipside of the tapestry backstage.  I will be there myself inside the work, like the canvas and the colors of a painting, but in the form of pixels, with my green hand. Maybe I won't see myself, between 300 faces, but I'm already part of it. It's the naturalness of all this that surprises me a little. This is "body art", but without scandal, artifice or embarrassment. We will look at you amazed and moved on November 30th, the opening day, and we would be grateful to have been part of it.

Beauty in the world brings women. Women are the beauty of the world. The beauty the women have inside. The man seeks the beauty outside of himself and with determination he pursues it, captures it, makes it his own and then exposes it as a trophy. The woman tries to make known the beauty that she brings inside, after discovering it, in amazement, and tries to stimulate the observer to enter in relation with this world which it carries inside.  The feminine art focuses on the relationship with the Observer, who is also called to do his part.

We love art, everyone, men and women, when it reminds us of our desires and our hopes, when it helps us express them and make them known.

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