continuous portrait

Continuous portrait is exposed to Yum still until February 5.  I saw it the first day, with a lot of people, women, especially.  All those that were portrayed and could be present were present, waiting to appear in the installation.  Each in a minute and a half he had time to appear on the swivel chair and show a written message on the palm of his hand.  Four categories of women: nuns, brides, door-to-door salesmen and word-spreaders, it’s all explained here: As told in this post, I also found myself posing for Francesca Montinaro. I add just a note, along with the images I took to document the event.  I would not have to say this, but the messages conveyed by the women portrayed as open and hopeful, more positive were those of the nuns.  Why wouldn’t I want to say that? Because I would like us to “word-spreaders”, according to the author’s taxonomy, to express the joy of living, freedom, faith.  Instead the women in my category (more than others) seem to need a negative approach, they still feel on the barricades. Most of them are launching messages that entice transgression and error, not without a decidedly vintage effect.  Those who are “famous” and accustomed to stand in front of the cameras take full advantage of their ninety seconds to make a show, which also rewards the patience of those who are there to wait for a portrait in particular (maybe their own).  But the effect is televised, and that’s not necessarily a compliment.

Have you seen continuous portrait?  What do you think?

What do you think?