Light Box

backlit Plexiglas

My light box is a black and white photo printed on plexiglass, mounted with a frame in wood and iron inside which is a strip of LED that illuminates.   It is suitable for hanging on a wall light point, as if it were an applique, or resting on a plane. 

It’s been a while since I was trying to make my prints on Plexiglas.  I printed the black and white photos that I liked more from the series “Come rain or come shine” on Plexiglas.

The design of the frame, composed of iron and wood, conveys the impression of a window view.  The white LED strip is hidden behind the wooden frame.  The lamp enhances the image when it is on and remains invisible when it is off.  The frame, with its combination of different materials, their proportions and the quality of the LED light chosen have been studied specifically according to the sensations that the images want to inspire.   In “Come Shine” the backlight between the Roman crowd is not only a feature of the shot but is somehow re-lived when the light comes on.

This object will add a bright accent in a slightly dark room, as it could be a corridor or a hallway. 

What do you think?