Harambee Africa International

I took care of the graphics and setting up for the Harambee Africa International organization.  The aim of the exhibition is to highlight the personality of the bishop who will be beatified in September next in Madrid and whose centenary of the birth is this year.  In addition, the exhibition aims to promote the four development projects that Harambee will follow during the 2014.

Photographs of repertory and brief descriptive texts united with quotations from the letters and speeches of Alvaro del Portillo describe the personality of man, while the infographics highlight the impressive extension of his apostolic work throughout the World and particularly in Africa.

The panels of the exhibition are printed on high definition Forex and are mounted in an aluminium frame provided by the firm Fastand of Brescia.  They measure 80×200 and have been duplicated in a "light" version, lighter to easily removable to make it possible to transport them to other locations that want to exhibit the exhibition.

To these series of panels joins a photographic section that exhibits the shots of Ismael Martìnez Sànchez, Spanish photojournalist. Ismael documents the day of a Congolese family awaiting the birth of the last brother at the hospital in Monkole, in the outskirts of Kinshasa.  The definition "a light in the darkness", referred to the hospital, supported by Harambee Africa, becomes the title of the reportage.