De SEnsi Law firm in Rome

The lawyer’s request had been very specific: to complete the furnishing of his law firm with the portraits of the two jurists Cicerone and Papiniano. He wanted to decorate the white wall of the corridor of the new studio, just restructured.

Therefore I enjoyed a lot taking pictures of the two statues that preside over the main entrance of the Palazzaccio, on one side of the Tiber. I chose two of them for a pop edit, because I did not need simple postcards. The owner and I found it amusing to keep the frown of the two roman jurists light, with a vaguely pop note.

Cicerone’s open right hand now receives visitors to the law firm De Sensi in Rome, while his colleague Papiniano turns to the lawyer’s room, at the end of the corridor.  The posture of the right fist firmly on the back of the scera leaves no doubt about the hardening of Papinian: A man who knew how to say no. This and other news I gathered on the two characters, authentic martyrs of the right, which I represented adding to the classic and severe forms of white marble statues some (virtual) strokes of color. This time I tried the multilayer poplar. The quality of the print, perfectly faithful to the digital images, is really good. I gave more body and a better finish to the two panels with a white wooden frame. The result is a wide but light object. Each picture measures 150 cm x 100.

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