A Roman condominium

The furnishing of the common rooms of a condominium in Rome, recently completed in the district Ostiense.  Here is an exemplary case of synergy between photography and interior design.

To complete the walls of the corridors and the entrance hall of this residential complex, the author of the project, the architect Fabrizio Vinditti, called me to create some photographic panels. We have selected together a group of images from the collection Montemartini, which Fabrizio had appreciated right here on this site.

The first choice of the client was to tie these houses to the Ostiense district and the city of Rome. For this reason the call to the museum Montemartini, which is just a few blocks from here.

The pictures to choose from were so many, and we did various tests. It has been a thorough curatorial work. We looked for the balance between the full and the gaps, the closeups and the out of focus of the backgrounds, so as to add depth to the corridor walls. The substrate is the dbond, fixed to the wall with a concealed thickness.

I owe the sensitivity of the client and my colleague the success of this project.  We chose the images together and approached the photos in harmony with the colors of the walls and floors. Glossy stucco decorates the walls and the floors are of marble and stone.

What was the right move to give a very Roman character to these residences? Combine clean and essential lines with luxurious finishing materials and the nobility of the features of the classic statues of the Museo Montemartini.

What do you think?