Rome Art Week 2018

During the Rome Art Week RAW2018, Velia Littera, curator and gallerist, in his space Pavart of Monteverde Vecchio, invited me to create a photographic project with Roberta Morzetti. Ro-Berta and Ma-Ra are therefore Ro-MA in the Days of Rome Art Week, the week of contemporary art in Rome that involves many artists, gallerists, curators throughout the city.

We also had the joy of sharing the street art event with the artists Carlo Gori and Caltanino in a live performance organized precisely for Pavart on the gate shutters of a warehouse right next to Pavart, in via Dezza.

The inaugural event

Many friends and many new faces at the event organized by Pavart, with an electrifying atmosphere and many flattering comments and for me, the author of the photos and for Roberta, the author of the sculptures.  The setting as a whole forms a harmonious composition in which the photographs enhance the formal values and contents of Roberta’s works.  Personally I have never participated in a more exciting team work.

To see the entire collection of photographs, go here.


Fotoleggendo 2018

It is going to start Fotoleggendo 2018, the feast of photography organized and promoted by Officine Fotografia, and that will unfold in various places of Rome dedicated to photography.

Among these, the Atac Bridge of Garbatella, the pedestrian bridge that passes over the metro station, from 8 to 28 June will become an exhibition gallery of photos of the author, under the title of "A Bridge for photography". It will host a large collective exhibition of the associates of photographic workshops, a central reference of photography culture present in Rome and in Milan.

The inauguration will be Friday, June 8 from 18 to 20. 

In This context will also appear a portfolio of my photos, from the collection "rips", already present on these web pages.  Here the complete collection.


Flow of SAP

The vernissage of the exhibition organized by Velia Littera for Pavart in his showroom in Via Dei Genovesi.

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Donald Robertson

Un librone poggiato su un mobile del salotto mi sorride. Scopro Donald Robertson aka @Drawbertson così, per caso. Ci casco dentro e non ne esco più. Continue reading

Visual Design for hotel rooms

A stay in a European hotel of a large international chain led me to observe details of non-secondary furnishings, namely the decorations on the walls, in this case painted on canvas. Objects that help to define the level and tone that the hotel will want to give through a strategy that is both interior and visual design. Continue reading

I miei Saloni 2014

Anche io sono andata ai Saloni 2014 di Milano. Con occhio disincantato, cercando di non perdermi tra  i plotoni di giapponesi che trattano acquisti di forniture extra lusso, senza timore di distrarmi con le stravaganze progettate ad uso e consumo degli oligarchi di passaggio. Continue reading

The temporary dwelling of lovers of adventure

The blog of Lilli Bacci, feel at home has published days ago a small post.  I propose it here too.

I am very happy to have met "feel at home", a virtual place so evocative of real and enveloping physical places, that dedicates its research to these places. Continue reading

Continuous portrait

"The beauty of contemporary art is that it forces you to think": So Francesca Montinaro to a lady who was preparing to pose for "continuous portrait", to help her choose a phrase to paint them on the palm of the hand.  Continue reading

Silence in art-Juhani Pallasmaa in Rome

The Juhani Pallasmaa Conference at the American Academy in Rome. Continue reading