• Mara Celani
  • Born in Rome in 1959
  • Architect from 1985
  • Freelance photographer and architect
  • I live and work in Rome

What I do

  • Look
  • Compose
  • Shoot
  • Edit
  • Mold
  • Set up

My research

My photographic research mainly consists in exploring the urban environment in which I live. Rome, my city, is a mixture of sublime and decadent.  I love the magnificence of its eternal light and at the same time the secret beauty of its suburban decadence. 

The details of the things exert on me a great attraction. I seek microscopic landscapes in the shapes and colours of inanimate and corrupt materials, once shiny and shining. The decay and alteration of metals and minerals often produce evocative compositions that I capture with my macro lens. Through a molecular survey of materials I reveal myself views that evoke inner landscapes.

This happens on inanimate and abandoned objects, but it can also happen by exploring works of art.  I really like photographing the sculptures.

The framing that manages to grasp the detail, the expression, the material quality of a work that develops in space, is able to put the observer of the photo in a very direct relationship with the artist.  Photography is an instrument of exploration of the three-dimensional artistic artifact, which belongs to modernity or antiquityThe intention of the author is thus discovered and revealed.