The temporary dwelling of lovers of adventure

The blog of Lilli Bacci, feel at home has published days ago a small post.  I propose it here too.

I am very happy to have met "feel at home", a virtual place so evocative of real and enveloping physical places, that dedicates its research to these places.  I like their attention to the affective and sensory dimension linked to living, a dimension that is very close to my heart. Almost a refuge on the shore of the vast ocean of the web. Although I have not yet visited them, I am sure that the environments that Lilli Bacci creates and cares (see the services that his studio offers) are as welcoming as his blog.

To make you feel at home is the mission of the mountain hut or at the edge of little explored moors.

It's dark, it's cold, it's raining, it's night, you're tired, you are hungry: a friendly place to hear you, for a night, for a few hours, for a week of blizzard, almost like home. A temporary dwelling to share with the family of lovers of adventure.
The two Antimeridian and the refuge near the Preikestolen, the rock of the pulpit, the one that overlooks the first fjord in the north of Oslo, offers its guests this sense of simple home, surrounded by a landscape in the balance between day and night.

What do you think?