The enchanting vivarium by Luca Bocchi

I like to watch the plants crazy, as he knows who hangs around for this blog of mine.  But this time I was really conquered by the creation of Luca Bocchi, a Roman florist, son of Art, who in his showcase of Corso Vittorio exhibits a vivarium of epicystic plants cultivated on an oak trunk. The twisted shape of the trunk offers small gorges in which the Tillandsie are nestled gracefully, originating in South America, rare and precious dwarf orchids, billbergie Dwarf: All plants, these, which do not need land to grow. Everything is resting on a layer of granular lava originating in Japan, on which moss bearings are laid.  Lava and Moss can retain and then slowly release the necessary moisture to the life of the plants. [Gallery type = "rectangular" size = "large" ids = "9270, 9271, 9273, 9272, 9274, 9275, 9276, 9277,9278" orderby = "Rand"] Luca showed me how to feed the vivarium, a miniature ecosystem, perfectly self-sufficient: just turn on a nebulizer connected to the case. The fog invades the glass parallelepiped slowly, hiding the miniature landscape. Open-mouthed I admire the scene and I wait for the fog to thin out, leaving nothing but droplets on the shiny leaves of the billbergie, revealing, in the end, the colors of the orchids even more vivid.  Luca Bocchi tells me that this wonder can be realized according to the requests of the customers, in the desired measures, by collecting it in a fixed structure, or by using it as partition in an environment. I am enchanted by this living work of art that sails and reveals itself in silence and does not ask for any other care than a little fog every now and then.

What do you think?