Flow of SAP

The vernissage of the exhibition organized by Velia Littera for Pavart in his showroom in Via Dei Genovesi.

Yesterday afternoon, braving a rain that did not cease to fall since the morning, I crossed Rome to reach via dei Genovesi, where Velia Littera invited me to the inauguration of his latest exhibition.

I searched with the camera among the suspended fibres of the textile installations of Olga Teksheva, I have involved in my shots the Sussiegose mannequin by Angelo Savarese, I explored the veins surfacing from the work lifeblood of Anna Cesarini.  Anna, an expert in the use of resins, has created an exciting work, made with a resin that is loaded into the light and that releases a fluorescent glow in the dark. The present audience admired his energy button in a moment of darkness.

Paul Klee on the meaning of a
rt: "…… allow me to refer to an image, the image of a tree. The artist is absorbed by such a complex world[…]. I would like to compare this variable and branched system, this knowledge of the things of nature and life to the roots of the tree. From the roots the sap goes up to the artist, invades him… and floods his eyes. So the artist becomes like the trunk of the tree. Invested and moved by the power of this flow of sap, the artist looks forward and lets his imagination run. As we see the branches of the tree spread in every direction both in time and in space, so it happens in the creative process. No one would ever ask a tree to forge and shape the branches along the lines of the roots. Just as the trunk does, the artist must only keep together everything that comes from the lower parts, which comes from the roots, and then convey it to the top, bring it up. It must neither be useful nor dictate rules: it must only transmit. '

Paul Klee, Paul Klee on Modern Art, Faber, London, 1966, p. 13.

From these words of Klee part the search for the artists present, authors passionate about life, who do not remain cold observers of reality but participate with the heart in hand, as Roberta Morzetti with his work R-existence.

What do you think?